Clip On Earrings: The Pros and Cons

When choosing a pair of aesthetic earrings, one type you may want to consider is the clip-on. These are earrings that use pressure to stay on your ear. It does not involve piercing the skin. You can find many types of clip on earrings, such as clip on bee earrings, red hoop earrings, or heart earrings. If you're considering them, what are the pros or cons to them? Let’s find out.

The Good

Does Not Damage Your Skin

Perhaps the biggest appeal of these earrings is that you don’t have to pierce your skin. For those who are sensitive to pain, clip on baby hoop earrings or neon earrings can be just what the doctor ordered. They can be great for children as well.
Besides piercing, they’re good for people who may be allergic, or people who fear infections.

Easy to Put On

If you have a pair of cherry earrings, pink earrings, or mini hoop earrings that are clip on, it’s easy to take them on and off. No having to worry about taking them off when you’re going to bed, only to struggle.

Easy to Find

You can find clip on earrings anywhere. Most stores sell them in all shapes, including butterfly earrings and snakes and earrings. You can easily order some online, and they can be a little cheaper than other types. This can be convenient for those on a budget.

Easier to Maintain

While you should still keep your earrings as clean as a whistle, clip on earrings do not require as much sensitization. With that said, you should still practice it regularly.

The Bad

Easier to Steal

These earrings can be quite easy to steal. We should mention that this does not happen all the time. Most thieves are not going to be pickpocket you this way. However, there is always the chance, and if the pair is expensive, it’s something to worry about.

They Can Be Uncomfortable

For some, anyway. Most clip on earrings are comfortable enough. But if your ears are sensitive to touch, you may find them to be a little bit uncomfortable. There are some other types, such as magnetic, that you may want to try in that case.

They Can’t Hold a Load

If you are going to attach other earrings, such as cute cherry kiss earrings, the problem is that clip on will not hold them that well. If it’s pierced in your ear, it can hold a heavier load. If you’re not planning for this, then you don’t have to worry, but it is something to be mindful of.


Just like any kind of earring, the clip on has its pros and cons. They are easier to put on and less invasive, but can feel uncomfortable for some or can possibly be stolen. We say to try them and see if they work for you. If you like them, then buy some more. If not, then go back to the traditional pierced ears.